When people think of your brand, what immediately comes to mind? How well do your customers identify with your brand? How would you define what you do? Not your elevator pitch, but your passion pitch.

We tend to think of building a business like putting one block on another with a steady hand — all the while hoping it doesn’t topple over. I can tell you, firsthand, that entrepreneurship is never supposed to feel like that. Instead of stacking blocks, you’re piecing together legos of different colors and shapes. Your finished product looks different from everyone else’s and only a select group of people will understand that final masterpiece.

The Human Brand Project is for entrepreneurs like you, who want to do more than build a business. In 12 weeks, I help you redesign your entire concept and craft a brand that people fall in love with, instantly.



This program is rigorous and designed for the entrepreneur who’s ready to hit the ground running. Everything is fast paced and we move through a year’s worth of work in 12 weeks.

For the entrepreneur ready to start their business, have spent time preparing for an opportunity like this and ready to get started.

The seasoned entrepreneur who feels like they’ve hit a ceiling, are not connecting with their customers, or wants to take their business in a new direction.


There are two options to enter the program:

  • a one-time fee of $850
  • 3 monthly payments of $350

    If you’re looking for a quicker (and cheaper) setup option, the Done For You™ Starter Branding Kit might be for you!



    A complete audit of your website, copy, branding colors, and landing pages with a detailed report from the perspective of a customer.

    This includes screenshots and annotated notes, a full experience recording, suggestions for alternative copy, and recommendations for outsourcing any subpar elements of your website.


If you would like to hire Nia  to speak at your next function:

  • find the courage to abandon your job
  • create your own opportunities
  • build an ironclad relationship with your customers
  • how to give your audience an unforgettable experience
  • the power of networking and how to practice it effectively
  •  establish yourself as an expert in your field

I strive to inspire and empower, and always welcome the opportunity to speak with you.