There Are 5 Types of Successful Entrepreneurs: Which Are You?

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Even though we are all different and have taken different paths to get where we are today, as entrepreneurs, we definitely have one thing in common: Life is better.

No successful entrepreneur looks back and says I wish I never started my own business or I wish the whole process had been easier. We are grateful for the wins and the losses, the struggles and the accomplishments.

Entrepreneurship opens doors for all kinds of opportunities that weren’t available to us before — specifically the ability to build the lifestyle you want, the way you want it.

types of entrepreneurs

Things have changed a ton since I started my first business. A wonderful culture of independent income earners has cropped up; encouraging and motivating each other. At one time, people looked at me with confusion whenever I talked about work. Now it isn’t unusual for me to find common ground with strangers or casually network with all sorts of different people.

Every culture has its own set of rules, system, and people. In honor of the entrepreneurial community, I’ll break down the different kinds of successful entrepreneurs I’ve come across. You can tell me which of these categories you fit into!

The Generational Entrepreneurs (GE)

These entrepreneurs are born into the world of business. They have taken over a small business or company passed down in the family. Typically, they spent their childhood picking up on the nuances of business, negotiations, bookkeeping, and other day-to-day tasks. Taking over the family business is the next logical step and usually, the assumption growing up.

Phrases like, “This will all be yours one day” is something they’ve heard more times than they can count. One downside to Generational Entrepreneurs is that they may take their acquired skill set for granted. Because they grew up in such an entrepreneurial environment, they may feel a yearning to do other things in pursuit of individualism; perhaps even something more “risky” and “exciting.”

Hopefully, as the world continues to catch on to the entrepreneurial culture, Generational Entrepreneurs will approach their unique position with a sense of pride.

The Ambitious Hobbyist (AH)

“I really wish I had more time,” is something the Ambitious Hobbyist will say a few hundred times before starting their business. Most Ambitious Hobbyists become entrepreneurs by complete accident. One minute, they’re doing what they love and the next minute they’ve quit their jobs and spend their days fulfilling orders.

Ambitious Hobbyists tend to have the best, most welcoming personality of all the entrepreneurial types. They’re the definition of doing what they love and loving what they do. They don’t approach their business like a typical entrepreneur and therefore don’t take the hits of failure or speed bumps as hard as most. Everything is a part of the process and they embrace it entirely.

Most Ambitious Hobbyists are big believers in karma. You give what you get. They’ve done so many things for free or for little pay, their success is viewed as good karma returning their way.

The Rebel (R)

Most likely to be Type A personalities who have a tendency to challenge the status quo. They view society as flawed and are usually passionate about a number of things. The Rebel approaches every situation logically. Over time, they have figured out that the traditional life path (go to school, memorize facts, pass tests, go to college, get a degree, a career, then retirement) actually places the community at a disadvantage and is a waste of human talents.

The Rebel is easy to spot early on. They likely have always enjoyed reading books, but school grades don’t measure up to their potential. They’re the students that teachers don’t want to give up on but can easily become frustrated by.

Most people start their entrepreneurial journey with a few good ideas, but The Rebel has more great ideas than most (simply because they have a tendency to think things through).

The Intellectual Introvert (II)

You won’t find these types of entrepreneurs at mixy-like events. They have little patience for chitchat or well… people for that matter. But, their minds are brilliant and if you can get them to feel comfortable enough to open up, conversations with them are nothing short of mind- blowing.

They are often mislabeled as the “overnight success,” when in actuality they are workhorses, perfectionists and obsessed with getting the details right. They won’t feel the need to update you on every little step they take in their business. Certainly not the kind of entrepreneur who makes announcements about announcements. You’ll be lucky to hear from them once a month.

I’ve learned not to underestimate the Intellectual Introvert, and you shouldn’t either. They may not be the best at explaining their vision, but more than likely theirs will blow yours out of the water.

The Charismatic Pundit (CP)

If you want an example, Mark Cuban from Shark Tank is a great face for the Charismatic Pundit. The Charismatic Pundit is most certainly the face of their own brand. They will do whatever it takes to live up to the brand they’ve created.

They will go anywhere, anytime, or any place and talk to anyone. Charismatic Pundits are notorious pros at networking and bring an energy that motivates, inspires, and annoys people. They know it too, and they don’t care. They’re the most supportive of all the entrepreneurs and are genuinely happy to see others doing well.

The Charismatic Pundit is so obsessed with their field that they could talk about it for hours, but can close a deal in record time. They know people — what makes them tick, what makes them feel good, and how to stroke their egos. In a single conversation, they can tell you things about yourself that will have you thinking they must have gotten their information from someone you know.

The downside of The Charismatic Pundit is that they can be incredibly judgmental. The reason being is because they think that what they do is easy and comes naturally for everyone else.

The People’s Champion (PC)

These are the most sympathetic of the bunch and may have been told (perhaps even a few times) that they have a bleeding heart. They became entrepreneurs for a cause and continue going for the cause. Unlike most entrepreneurs, they are appreciative of every single win because every step is a step closer to improving the world we live in.

The People’s Champions are the movers and the shakers of some of the most troubling issues in society. They are usually digitally savvy, with multiple social media platforms and well-informed individuals. They tend to share their knowledge to anyone who will listen and go out of their way to spread kindness. However, don’t take their kindness for weakness. They are notoriously stubborn in business negotiations and are likely to walk away with exactly what they wanted.

They are least likely to be taken advantage of as they have a somewhat cynical view of other businesses. The priority of the People’s Champion isn’t always humans, either. Their focus can be on animals, wildlife, their city, societal standards, etc.

Okay, time for you to spill! Which entrepreneur are you?

Note for wantrepreneurs:
Having success as an entrepreneur is entirely possible! If you haven’t started your entrepreneurial journey yet, then my advice is to keep going. One day, you’ll have to take the plunge whether you feel like you’re ready or not. Just do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.

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