The Hustle Room 7/8/17 : News & Updates for Creative Entrepreneurs

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the hustle room

I created the Hustle Room because quite frankly, it’s missing from the Internet.

Most entrepreneurs have no idea what’s going on in the business world, and it’s important to keep updated so you can make better decisions for your small business. Updated every Thursday.

I encourage you to use the comments to spark conversation on some of these topics. 

The latest:

  • Google launched a website builder for business owners who have Google listings. It’s easy, simple, and free. You can place ads on the site and manage it from your phone.
  • A huge, definitive guide to email marketing was released by the App Institute
  • Bill Gates made 15 predictions 18 years ago and they all came to fruition. #GreatMinds
  • Instagram Stories is now at 250 million daily viewers. It has consistently added 50million daily viewers every 3 months since October
  • Snapchat is not influencer-friendly and considers the platform not suitable for creators

Design & Innovation Spotlight:

The hustle room brand identity

Acid & Mist: See the full brand identity here

Entrepreneur Inspiration:

  • Bobby, at Millenial Money Man, made $14,395.65 from his blog (and services)
  • Brandy Melville created a cult following on Instagram by hiring high school teenagers to make up their Product Research Department
  • I launched the Done For You™ Starter Branding Kit (AKA Brand in a Box) for entrepreneurs just starting their business.

See you next time in The Hustle Room! 

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