Top Picks: The Perfect Desk For Your Home Office (Under $300)

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Behind your desk is where small ideas become big realities. Your home office should be a room infused with inspiration — with your desk as the glue that holds it all together. Whether you prefer a simple, sleek design or bursts of color, there’s a desk for you. These desks are my top 5 picks for a tight budget!

Top Picks: The Perfect Desk For Your Home Office (Under $300)

All of these desks have been thoroughly researched and I’ve read tons of reviews so that I can recommend the best of the best. If you purchase using the links below, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change.


Tribesigns Home office desk under $300

Tribesigns Home office desk under $300

It doesn’t get more simple than this. If you prefer a functional, sturdy desk then this Tribesigns desk gets the job done. The desk has no bells and whistles; no drawers, no hutch, no keyboard tray. A huge plus is that most people agreed the desk is incredibly sturdy and easy to setup. The best part is the desk comes in 6 (SIX!) different finishes. I love having options and I’m quite satisfied with how each design has its own surface/legs combination.

Price: $105.99

Z-Line Workstation 

Z-Line Home office desk under $300I can always appreciate a desk with a pullout keyboard tray. At 73 pounds, it’s definitely on the sturdier side, but the wheels make it easy to move around. The cherry finish, accented in black gives it an executive feel. The long panel at the top gives dedicated space for a pair of speakers or a small plant. I’d recommend this for a more serious-toned office. If you’ve got plaques & achievements on your wall, then this desk will pull the entire room together.

Price: $161.99

Sauder Shoal Creek 

Sauder Shoal Creek Home office desk under $300

The diamond ash color is what makes this desk pop. There are so many ways to design around it as gray/silver is a great anchor color. On the right, there are two pull-out drawers (the top two are attached to each other), plus a drawer in the center for pens, highlighters, and post-its. If you’re old-school (like me) and still keep paper files, then the bottom drawer is the perfect filing cabinet. The downside to this desk is that it must be put up against a wall because the back of it isn’t finished. *Sigh*

Price: $190.22

South Shore Annexe

South Shore Annexe Home office desk under $300This one is for my hutch-lovers. If you’re big on having books in the office and you don’t have a bookcase, then this is definitely the choice for you. There’s a ton of space below (3 cubby spaces and a drawer), plus holes to pass cords through the back. At the top, there’s a dedicated space to put a printer, plus a small panel to put figurines, a plant, or a terrarium. The only thing missing is a keyboard tray. It comes in gray, black, and white.

Price: $196.17


Sauder Home office desk under $300Catch me, I’m swooning. I absolutely love a corner desk. Look at all that space! It’s super customizable, too. You can put the drawers and the door on either side you’d like. Additionally, you can decide where to mount the pull-out keyboard. The back is finished, so you can set this up in a corner or in the center of the room. This was the desk I almost purchased a few times, so I can say from experience that they sell out pretty quickly.

Price: $297.99

Super-Budget Bonus: Under $100 Steal (Glass Home Office Desk)



Z-Line Home office desk under $300Z-line makes the list again! This time, with a corner desk that’s under $100 (unheard of). This desk is very modern, all glass, and leaves the opportunity for designing around it. It also comes with a keyboard tray. Even though I’m not fond of the leg design, I still think this is a great desk for the price and according to the reviews, it has more space than it looks.

Price: $96.26

What Desk Do I Use? 

These desks are great, affordable desks for your home office. I love every single one of them, especially the ones that allow you to customize them to your liking. I have a few offices setup in my house and the desks that I use are:

  • My main desk (in white). A corner desk with a hutch.
  • My simple, writing desk (antique white). All it has are drawers, but it’s distraction free and where I do my best-written work.
  •  I bought this one because it was cheap and seemed like a good idea to put in a room that wasn’t dedicated to being an office. I use it sometimes, but not as often as I thought I would. It’s definitely my most personal, with family pictures and household reminders.

I hope these desks satisfy your needs (and your budget). Which desk is perfect for you? 

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  • Hi NIa,

    Great review on desks, I too think that the right desk for a home office is extremely important. I actually purchased a standing desk about 4 months ago.

    I got tired of sitting down for 8 plus hours. I feel like I am much more productive since I’ve gotten my standing desk.

    These look like some great desks. If I was in the market for a new sitting desk, I would probably invest in the Sauder, it looks really nice.

    Thanks for sharing these, have a great day 🙂


    • The Sauder desk is so classy and elegant. I’ve read all the raving testimonies of standing desks, but I still haven’t made the leap. I imagine that standing for 8 hours is more tiresome than sitting for 8+ hours. But, I also think I’d probably take far more breaks, which is something I struggle with!

      Thanks for your input!