Reinventing Yourself is Key to Getting Everything You Want

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I finally decided on the concept for my next tattoo. It will symbolize my ability to shed old skin and don new skin, effortlessly. I’ve reinvented myself so many times, I can’t keep up. All blessing, no curse. Reinventing myself time and time again makes me feel like I’ve lived quite a few lifetimes. I don’t just mean starting fresh or starting over. I’m talking about becoming a completely different person with a different lifestyle, different interests, different taste in music, different friends, and of course, businesses in different industries.

Reinventing yourself is a skill every entrepreneur should have. If you want to overcome your fears and step into a life you designed, then this guide is 100% for you.

By reinventing myself, I became immersed in a number of different cultures, dialects, and lifestyles. I’ve done things without fear, and without self-doubt. I’ve thrown myself into dangerous situations and spectacular experiences. All in all, anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur should reinvent themselves at least once. Because most of the time, we’re standing in our own way of success.

Why reinventing yourself is so important.

You’ve been thinking about success, dreaming about it, working hard for years now. You’ve done vision boards, positive affirmations, and daily mantras trying to convince yourself that you’re one step away.

You’ve been one step away for too long. Why is that?

It’s because while you think you’re trying to convince the world that you’re capable of being successful, you’re actually just trying to convince yourself. And you’re not buying it.

Endless questions to experts. Tons of research just to become a bit smarter, a bit more knowledgeable. Taking every dime you have and reinvesting it into your business, funding your “dreams.”

You see trickles of hope come in increments and you repeat, “Slow progress is better than no progress.”

Does this sound familiar at all?

These are all symptoms of self-doubt. They prove that you’re more interested in playing it safe than taking what is rightfully yours. You’re looking for answers in all the wrong places, from all the wrong people.

I can give you strategies that work, tips and secrets I used to build my business. None of that will make you successful. Even if you did the exact. same. thing.

You need to become the kind of person who can reach those lofty goals. Be committed to embodying that individual. Then, stop thinking like you and start thinking like that other person.

Create someone, if you must.

When I first reinvented myself, it was something like an“alter-ego.”

I’ll always be grateful to her because she did everything I couldn’t. She was fearless, where normally I would hesitate. She was outgoing, a complete opposite from my introverted nature. She had her own style and my closet no longer consisted of jeans and T-shirts. Most importantly, she started my first business – with less than $100 and the gift of gab.

She saved my life.

Reinventing yourself completely removes the term, “I” from your vocabulary. Now, you can change the narrative. It’s not a question of what you can or can’t do. No more mantras and giving yourself a hard time. No more disappointment because you fell off…again.

If you won’t get it together, then become someone who will.

If your business has been stagnant for three years, then become the person you’d hire to get it going. If you can’t exercise enough discipline to save money, then create someone who can.

A new identity doesn’t have to be permanent. Sometimes, it’s just to get you past the hump in your life. Becoming a new person will remind you that you can still surprise yourself. You’ll see your business with fresh eyes and new opportunities will begin to appear all around you.

You’ll start attracting the right people.

SipBlack entrepreneur tribe

Change your social circle.

Let’s talk about that moment you realized you were dangerously close to rock bottom. Remember the feeling of crashing disappointment in your life? Do you recall looking around at all the time and money you wasted?

What have I done?

The day you decided it was time to pull out a large pair of scissors and start cutting people out of your life.

Because while you were spending your money and energy hanging with your friends, your business was suffering. If you wanted to get ahead, you knew  you had to cut them loose.

You when ghost for a while. You stopped answering your phone and stopped accepting invitations. You stayed off of social media (especially that pesky time-sucking Facebook).

Did it work?

When reinventing yourself, the goal isn’t to alienate your friends. You just make new, different friends. Friends with the same mindset as you.

Your new friends understand your struggle, motivate you, help you, provide you with resources, support you, and understand the importance of small wins. As a matter of fact, they celebrate those wins with you.

I’m not saying your current friends are bad friends. I’m saying that right now, you simply need different friends who do different things.

The kinds of friends your new persona would surround themselves with.

To make these kinds of friends there are a few things you have to change:

• Where you shop
• Where you spend your downtime
• The kinds of events you attend

These are small changes that will make a huge difference in the company you keep. It’s liberating to change paces, explore new territory, to strike up different conversations with different kinds of people.

Next, is your wardrobe.

I get it. I get it. Your style defines you. You’ve spent years figuring out what you like and you’re comfortable with it.

Sorry to break it to you, but reinventing yourself is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. That includes wearing clothes you never thought you’d like.

My mother is currently reinventing herself, and I helped her create the person she was always afraid to be. When we went shopping, I convinced her to wear clothes she wouldn’t have looked twice at. Her wardrobe went from frumpy to fab.

There was nothing wrong with her frumpy clothes. They fit her old lifestyle. But, now that she’s changing her entire life, they no longer fit into the equation.

A wardrobe change doesn’t mean going all out and spending your savings on new threads. Please, don’t do that.

Take baby steps. Change the way you wear the clothes you already own. Buy statement pieces here and there that can change your entire outfit. Start accessorizing differently.

Wardrobe changes can even be reflected in the way you take pictures. Stop using your “go-to” pose, and try different ways of capturing yourself. If you normally take closeups, take pictures from further away. Ask strangers on the street to take photos of you. If you usually take pictures with a face full of makeup, start accentuating your natural beauty and vice versa.

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Although I said you’re changing your wardrobe, I’m really telling you to change the visual representation of yourself. Hire a photographer and take photos that showcase your new look.

Little by little, you’re reintroducing yourself to the world. I went from jeans and T-shirts to spikes and leather, to long skirts and collared shirts, floral patterns, blazers and pantsuits, then dresses and sandals. Every time I become someone new, I found ways for new styles to emphasize the change.

I walked into a store and went straight for what the “new me” would like. Inside I cringed a little, but on the outside, I was confident in my choices. I knew what I wanted, and this mindset flooded into my business.

Now, a schedule shift.

Maybe you’re not a morning person. You hate the sun. If you could, you’d spend the better half of the day curled up in a dark room with a heavy comforter. But… the NEW you wouldn’t dare.

Becoming a different person also includes changing what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. It’s time you take control of your day and make every single moment count.

Planning your day goes beyond a to-do list. It’s more than filling in blocks of your time or scheduling in meetings.

• Be accountable for your time
• Schedule your down time
• Schedule time for family

Wake up as early as possible. Commit to getting a full night’s rest. Success comes from working smarter, not harder. You no longer need to go to sleep at 3 am every night because your business demands it.

You hold all the power in this situation.

Wealth comes with a mindset change, not a strategy change. Stop getting in your own way of success. This is the only way to truly get what you want as an entrepreneur.

(Pin this image so you can always find your way back!)

Finally, find some new hobbies

Often times, our hobbies become our business. But, then the things we love to do turns into *sigh* WORK. Our life becomes work and more work. It’s time to fill that void again. Find new things to fall in love with. Learn something new.

Take on a hobby that challenges you.

Coincidentally, reinventing myself is also what turned me into a multipreneur. I racked up new skills, formed new interests and started a business based on what I learned. I repeated that every time I reinvented myself and became addicted to the process.

I was never afraid to venture into new territory or go up against people who’d been doing it for years. Because, I took on a persona that could handle that kind of pressure.

You can start with:

• Attending local meetups

• Taking a class

• Watching YouTube videos

• Reading books on a new skill

You’ll find that your life is far more enjoyable. You’re doing what you love in business, and you’re learning to love something else in your spare time.

I think that’s called a win-win.

The Wrap-Up

My little alter-ego crisis birthed something wonderful… a way to get everything I wanted. A new, thrilling way to transform and design a life I love. With each new persona, I tested my own limits, I set bigger goals, I indulged different desires.

I stopped looking to other people to tell me how to live. Reinventing yourself makes you aware of the sheer power of the mind. Not only can you create a business from nothing, but you can become anyone you want, do anything you want.

You’ve seen this before…

If you want a real life example, look at Drake. He went from the wheelchair actor from the suburbs to a rapper with a hood mentality. He spent all of his life writing songs in his grandma’s basement, with dreams of success.

It wasn’t until he shed his old skin that he had the courage to take risks, approach people he wouldn’t have before. This new man was confident, he was sure of himself, and determined beyond belief.

He went to work, designing a life he wanted.

Another example… Beyonce. Do you remember her Sasha Fierce period? She said Sasha Fierce did what she couldn’t. Sasha Fierce was “fearless.” She had to become a new woman to hit the next level in her career.

Melyssa is an extremely successful blogger, and she did things in reverse. She started her business by making her brand”Nectar Collective,” the focus. Eventually changed her entire business to embody her own persona as Melyssa Griffin. It’s what she needed to do to accelerate her growth.

I asked her a couple of months after the change, how it felt and here is proof that reinventing yourself is not as scary as it sounds:

Melyssa Griffin on reinventing herself

Before you call me crazy or try to diagnose me with multiple personality disorder, do me a favor. Try it.

What you’re doing isn’t working, so what’s the harm in trying something new? What reason do you have for not going all in? You may even discover parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. Remember, it’s not your circumstance that holds you back… it’s YOU.

And you have the power to change that.

Pss, if you are ready to reinvent yourself and your brand, I offer a Done For You™ Starter Branding Kit to get you started. 

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  • LOVE this! Kind of reminds me of the Nerd Fitness community ( You get to create an avatar, and then work to “level up your life”. 🙂 This is totally what I’ve been working on (somewhat), this year — but am going ALL IN ON for 2017. Thanks!

    • Hey Jenn! I didn’t know about nerdfitness, but that concept is a great example! I especially love it because my closest friends will tell you one of my most common phrases is “Level up!” I love your excitement for 2017 and hope you’ll check back in to tell me about your success. Thanks for coming by, Jenn 🙂

  • Andra Maria Gill

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I never thought of it that way, but I totally re-invented myself when I moved from Canada to Australia. Everything in my life changed within a matter of 6 months and it was the best decision for me as it gave me space to be the type of person that runs her own business, creates a life of freedom, etc. Perhaps that’s why I’m reluctant to ever move back home!

    • Nia

      Love this so much Andra! I used to long-stay travel a lot just for the adrenaline rush of an entirely new environment so I completely get it. I hope Australia keeps pushing you out of your comfort zone

  • I agree 100 percent, you can’t be successful by following what someone else did or following their plan, you have to be you. If you don’t think you can do it, something has to change. This is all about mindset. Sometimes going big and changing your look, your friends and how you function is the only way to get you there. Thanks, I love your perspective.

    • Mercy,
      So true and something we don’t talk enough about. There is NO one for all strategy. Most people try the copy/paste success approach because they aren’t confident in their own abilities but re-inventing yourself means you can actually become someone who does believe in the possibility of your own success. Thanks for providing some insight!

  • Amaia Flamingo

    All I can say is thank you. Your post came to me at the perfect time. Thanks! 😊