The Simple Way to Verify Your Domain on Pinterest

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How did we ever survive without Pinterest? Since 2009, the social media platform has come a far way from the invite-only program it started out as. Pinterest is basically a full on image version of Google. Pinterest is even better than traditional search engines when searching for blog content, recipes, and renovation ideas (I imagine there will be a toolbar search function in the near future). 


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How can Pinterest help your business? 

Many entrepreneurs starting a new business, turn to Pinterest to get initial traffic. Unlike Google and other search engines, Pinterest respects quality over authority. There is no race to try to get on the first page or to make it in the top three results. As long as you’re active and produce high-quality, enjoyable content, you have the potential to be seen by millions of people.

Why should you confirm your website?

When you verify your domain, it may be even better than receiving the blue check on Twitter. A verified domain means that all pins coming from your website will be branded. On Twitter, your tweets can be copied, duplicated, and changed. On Instagram your images can be screenshotted and repurposed. But, on Pinterest, the pins you’ve created will always be your pins. Once you verify your domain, your face will become associated with your content by all re-pinners.

Verifying your domain gives you access to track your analytics to see whose repinning your content and what other topics they’re interested in. In other words, you get to learn more about your audience.

How to Verify Your Domain (confirm your website) on Pinterest

If you’re like me and don’t know a think about root folders and such, I’ll give you the easy way to verify your domain.

Step 1 – Log into Pinterest and look for your settings

When you log in, you can find your settings by hovering the mouse over your profile picture in the top right-hand corner.


Step 2 – Navigate to your profile

Once you get to your settings, you will see Profile on the left-hand side.

Click Profile and look at where it says Website (the last option – below Location).

Type your website in and hit “Confirm Website.”

The popup will allow you to copy the meta tag or download a file. Just copy the entire meta tag. You can do this by clicking in the box, pressing (CTRL+A) to highlight all the content in the box then hitting (CTRL+C) to copy it.

profileprofile info

Pinterest Ultimate Guide: How to use Pinterest for Business and Social Media Marketing

Step 3 – Sign into your WordPress dashboard and go to Editor

Once you’ve logged into WordPress, hover over Appearance on the left side. Click on Editor (should be the last option).


Step 4 – Find header and paste meta tag

Once the Editor has opened up, look to the right and click on “Header” or “Theme Header.”

theme header for pinterest

Paste (CTRL+V) the meta tag somewhere after <head> and before </head>.

Then click “Update File.”

pinterest head

All done! Hope this made your verification process far easier to manage, I know how hard it is for people who don’t know squat about the technical side of optimizing a website. If you want to learn how to use Pinterest to grow your business, I highly suggest you get this book. If you’re not sure what kind of images to use, then get this one.

Are you verified on Pinterest? Leave your profile names below!

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