Blog Traffic, Goals, and Income (May 2016)

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I will not be including any of my revenue from other businesses I own in my reports. Simply from the blog.

I will not be using my other businesses or social platforms to promote All social media outlets will be newly created. This is truly growth from scratch.

Most blogs that show you their journey are meta-blogs. They blog about blogging. Here are things that work and have not worked for my blog. (3)

This post has way too much info, pin it so you can come back and read it again!

Why am I publishing these reports? 

  1. Most blog income reports are published by meta-blogs. The only blogs that are consistently providing a blog income report with a breakdown of income vs. expenses are blogs that blog about blogging.
  2. Most blogs wait until they’ve made some money from their blog until creating their first report. People don’t get to see how they get from $0 to $100.

A Blogger’s Journey to $3,000/Month

Check out my first, and most detailed report. It includes – background information, reasons I started blogging, and original stats.  I still haven’t fully monetized SipBlack yet, but I wanted you guys to see all the behind-the-scenes that goes into blogging before you ever make a dime.

My end goal is that SipBlack becomes the go-to hub for entrepreneurs to gather, recognize their full potential, and come up with new ways of approaching business.

Here are my blog traffic stats (visitors): 

December: 6,017

January: 8,795

February: 4,177

March: 12,983

April: 3,887

And social media stats:

Twitter: 375 (+304)

Pinterest: 32 (+32)

What Makes My Blog Different?

I was disheartened to find that when I type in “Business Tips” or “How to Grow a Business” or “Where to Find Customers” or any other business-related question, EVERYTHING on Pinterest came back as information for bloggers and online marketers.

There are still regular-degular people in the real world who want to build a business offline, open a store, sell their crafts locally, etc. and they need help too. Seeing as every business I have ever owned was completely offline (with the exception of a website to go along with it), I think I’m in a position to help those people and fill the gap.

instagram page

What I’ve Done to Bring Traffic to The Blog

  • Regularly posting content on Twitter. I use a mix of my content, other people’s content, quotes, statistics, and retweeting items on my timeline. Based on the stats, I’m growing at around 70 new followers a month (this number should be much higher.)
  • I only follow 5-10% of people who follow me on Twitter. I follow people who I admire, whose content I don’t want to miss, and actual representations of my readers so I can have a better understanding of their everyday life. I don’t think I could keep up with more than that right now.
  • Use sensational headlines, then follow up with sensational content. I brainstorm multiple headlines.. ask Elizabeth!
  • I’ve started posting full captions with educational tidbits on Instagram  (like the one here, and this one too) which have led to coaching inquiries. I also gave my Instagram a cleaner look that replicates my entrepreneur “mood” when I’m most productive. Seeing how well Pinterest works, I’m basically turning my Instagram into a “Best of” my Pinterest boards.
  • I read and comment on other blogs every day. I think building relationships are extremely important in the blogosphere.
  • Writing high-quality articles that address real problems business owners have and how to solve them.
  • New post images and I’m in love with it! The colors AND design came together by themselves. As I tweaked and changed things – yellow, pink, and teal just captured the mood perfectly. Inspiring, ambitious, fresh and productive is the tone I set for SipBlack. I used a color board from CoSchedule to start with my base colors that represented what I wanted my readers to feel when they came by. In any business, it makes a difference when you appeal to your audience’s emotions above all else.
  • Took time to write The Entrepreneur’s Manifesto™, got testimonials from other entrepreneurs and added it as a bonus to signing up for my newsletter blogazine. Feel free to signup here or at the bottom of this post.


How To Monetize

  • I have read hundreds (maybe even thousands) of books. Reading has been such a huge part of my entrepreneurial success from one business to the next. I’ll use Amazon affiliate links to the books I recommend for different entrepreneurs depending on where they are in their journey.
  • I think your environment and work space have a direct impact on how productive you are when you’re a small business owner. I want to put together some office deco designs and use affiliate links for the items I recommend.
  • This summer I want to focus on products. I have so much content, I could write a few books. I also want a vault of worksheets and checklists that can be accessed by paying just once.
  • Get back to coaching and consulting. I’ve worked with small businesses for over five years, primarily helping them stand out in their industry/market. Since I’ve gotten inquiries from Instagram of all places, I think I’ll start accepting clients again.
  • Public speaking is something I want to do much more of. I like the idea of traveling all over the country and speaking to entrepreneurs in different stages of their journey. I think that’s one of the biggest rewards when you build a personal brand!
  • I’ve had some T-shirts designed…  I’m thinking of creating a revolving Teespring campaign so I can teach you guys how to be successful using that platform.

Goals Met (and not)

Cohesive Branding

Professional Pictures

*No more selfies!


*Check out this amazing interview with Naomi Dunford of Started my new series “Brand Secrets”

Systems (could definitely be better)

Choose between LinkedIN, FB, and Google +

Get a system down for Pinterest

*Worked super hard at this, go see for yourself!

Publish regularly on Medium

Goals for June

Create YouTube videos for some of my posts

This is a huge task, not only because I have to make the video. I also have to come up with a fitting intro/outro, a “theme song” for my videos and figure out the best format for my readers (slides, length, etc). I’ve had multiple people tell me they wish I had videos on SipBlack… so I’m just listening to my readers. After I all, I serve at the pleasure of my audience.

Do More Interviews

I actually LOVED the entire process of working with Naomi Dunford on this interview. She was such a pleasure to work with and she gave seriously actionable tips for you guys. Love her for that. The plan is to interview thought leaders and non-traditional business owners. I like hearing about how people got where they are and I know my readers can receive a ton of value from interviews.

Brainstorm ideas for a book – Get an outline completed

I considered doing a course but with doing more YouTube videos, I don’t think I have the stamina for both. Also, I have other businesses that I own and a family, so I don’t think I can do a course justice when it comes to being present all the time.

Redesign my office space

The increased time on Pinterest has exposed me to so many magnificent DIY projects. I also got to speak to Aime who specializes in home interiors. She gave me some awesome tips on how to achieve the look I want. I’ve realized DIYing is so much harder than it looks in pictures and I have a newfound respect for DIY bloggers. They put a TON of work into teaching you guys how to put a unique touch on your home.

Map Out My Audience’s Experience

Figure out where people land when they come to SipBlack, where they decide to go next, whether they get what they’re looking for and what was left to be desired.

Stabilize My Traffic

What I really need to do is come up with a regular posting schedule. I’m thinking Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Weekends are my time to regroup! Monday & Wednesday being strategy days and Thursdays being the shorter posts. Look at that, I came up with a schedule in 5 seconds! Getting your thoughts together is one of the many reasons I suggest everyone have a blog.

Things I Decided Not to Do

Popup Incentives New visitors will not signup from a pop-up form unless there’s an incentive. People that sign up solely for an incentive tend to be far less engaged and are likely to unsubscribe after they’ve received the gift. Also, they’re obtrusive and annoying. I hate them, so I don’t think it’s fair to push them onto my readers.

Sharing at the bottom of the post Extremely low conversion. I tested, “Did you enjoy this article? Share it!” and Ramit Sethi’s recommended version, “4 Ways to Share. Pick One!” Finally, I decided to just add a minimized version of sharing buttons at the top of the post. We’ll see how that works!

My Top 3 Posts: 

7 Things About Entrepreneurship That No One Will Tell You

Branding Your Business: 10 Simple Ways to Stand Out Against the Competition

Marketing Strategies: A Different Approach to Attract New Customers

What are your goals? Please, share them below (I honestly want to know)!

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  • I so appreciate the transparency of your post! Too often, blog income reports feel like a chance to brag about how much money a site is making. This feels fresh and honest!

    • Thank you so much, Catherine. I also noticed that when you go back and read old blog income reports they’re usually vague about how they built their traffic and what they focused on when they first launched so it was important that I include that in here as well. I want my readers to see the entire process step by step to success.