11 Reasons I Believe Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Coach

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Hiring a business coach can mean the difference between working hard and working smart. As entrepreneurs, we tend to develop “head in the sand syndrome.” We get so focused on our business, growing, learning, branding, and marketing that we don’t get a chance to step back and see how well our efforts are paying off. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of it, too.

A business coach can help you to truly grow your business (6)

Our tunnel vision is both a strength and a weakness.

It allows us to keep pushing forward and stay focused on where we want to be. On the other hand, we’re blind to what’s happening to the left and the right of us.

A business coach helps you to see what else is going on around you, so you can spend your time perfecting your skills.

While the most successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of hiring a coach, it’s the first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners who can’t see the value. That’s where I come in.

Reason #1 A business coach gives you accountability

You remember that one thing you said you’d do… and you never did it? We frequently come up with new ideas for our business, but often times we don’t follow through.

We’ve got our reasons – not enough time, not enough money, not enough people on our team.

A coach will hold you accountable and push you to achieve those goals. They’re trained to help bring you clarity with your decisions and see that you get from Point A to Point B.

This means no more lying to yourself, no more making excuses for why something couldn’t get done, no more talking yourself out of taking risks.

Your coach may not be able to eliminate the fear, but they’ll help you work through it. They will force you to get out of your own way and set a standard for yourself to follow through with what you set out to do.

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Reason #2 An unbiased perspective

The only thing your coach is concerned about is helping you to succeed. They don’t care about hurting your feelings, making you feel good, or catering to your ego.

You’re not their first rodeo.

They’ve worked with many entrepreneurs before you and they’ve seen businesses come and go. If there’s something wrong with your business structure, wouldn’t you rather know early on?

A business coach can help you to examine your biggest flaws, take them apart, and work with you to fix them.

We don’t see our work objectively. All we can see is the fact that we worked extremely hard to get it right. At the very least, that means what you’ve done is good. A coach will show you how to take it a step further and make it great.

Reason #3 They have the experience to guide you

When we’re stressed out, confused, and doubtful, we call up our friends. While their support is much appreciated and they can help talk us down from our anxiety, they usually can’t come up with real solutions for our problems.

Having a mentor that you can bounce your frustrations off of is invaluable. A business coach can you give you the feedback you need to take the next step. Not only do you leave the conversation with clarity, but your problems are also solved.

business coach

They have years (sometimes decades) of experience. Your biggest dilemmas are tiny problems compared to what they’ve seen and they can give you proven, viable solutions.

From my experience, first-time entrepreneurs all face similar issues. I’ve heard the exact same problems over and over again and each time my client is frustrated and stressed out beyond belief. As it turns out, the solution is often times a very simple one.

Reason #4 They will grow with you

Hiring a business coach is not typically a short-time expense. It’s a long-term investment for the future of your business. The more you make and the bigger your business becomes, you’ll learn to rely even more on your mentor.

The more you work with your mentor, the better they can recognize your patterns. They figure out the tips and tricks of getting you to be more productive, how to approach conversations with you, identify your moods, motivate and inspire you.

Your mentor will know when you’re slacking off or when you’re not being authentic, and they will call you on it. They know what you’re capable of, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Throughout the years, you will learn to trust their advice because they are the only other person who can see the bigger picture in the way that you do.

They’re a physical reminder as to why you’re working so hard and will also be there to tell you when it’s time to take a break.

Reason #5 They’re used to dealing with personal crap

No one hires a business coach to help them with their personal lives. We hire coaches to help us increase our profits, give us direction, teach us to see our business differently.

But, that isn’t what always ends up happening.

In this survey, conducted by the Harvard Business Review, only 3% of business coaches are hired to deal with personal issues, but 76% of coaches end up assisting with personal issues anyway. It just comes with the territory.

Entrepreneurs are sometimes paralyzed in business because of personal problems. Two of my clients were a married couple who built a moderately successful business. During my time consulting them, the wife was caught cheating and through a lengthy and stressful divorce, the business got caught in the middle.

As their business coach, I helped them focus on keeping the business afloat while dealing with their marital problems. Sometimes our job is to help our clients find a healthy work/life balance in the midst of drama chaos.

Reason #6 Your coach helps you to identify the small wins

We are so gung-ho about getting to the finish line that we sometimes forget to celebrate all the small successes that get us there.

A business coach reminds you that there are more wins than the BIG win. They’ll remind us when we’ve exceeded our own expectations or when we’ve turned one of our weaknesses into a strength.

They’ll congratulate us on the things our friends and family don’t see as a big deal.

That kind of motivation and understanding help with our self-confidence, and in turn, teach us to challenge ourselves.


Reason #7 They’ll teach you how to measure success

How much more money we earned this month, as opposed to last month is not always a good indicator of how well our business is doing. As Naomi Dunford pointed out, your monthly income is much less important when you’re producing $100,000 launches.

As business gets better, we sometimes make foolish money mistakes. It’s hard to notice where you are failing when your numbers are in the green. You may have reached an income that isn’t sustainable or with a system that can’t be realistically maintained.

How can this happen?

Let’s say you’re getting a flood of new, high-paying customers. Your workload is plentiful, your bank accounts are happy and you’re making more than you projected. How long before you notice that while you’re bringing in tons of new business, they aren’t returning for more?

A business coach can help you evaluate these problems and set an accurate standard for measuring how well your business is developing.

Reason #8 To keep you on the path of innovation

When something is working really well for our business, we can get so caught up in perfecting that model that we don’t spend time coming up with new ideas.

A business coach keeps you in line with the future and not just the present. While what you’re doing works, now is the time to be creative and see what more you’re capable of. Being successful is one thing, remaining successful is another.

As new technology emerges and there are changes in your industry, your coach can help you maneuver through them and find ways to implement them into your business.

Reason #9 A good coach will help you brainstorm your way to success

Have you ever been just on the brink of an incredible business idea and you can’t quite get there?

Here is where your coach steps in to allow you to bounce your ideas off of them and get real, personalized feedback. The best thing about this is you don’t have to worry about someone “stealing your idea” or mocking you.

You’re free to speak freely, expressing yourself in a way that works for you. You get the ear of someone else to keep the ideas moving in a productive direction.

Your business coach is not just giving you hypotheticals, they’re responding with an understanding of your overall goal and your current situation.

They know how to ask the right questions, get you to dig deeper, to better form your abstract idea.

Reason #10 Achieving work-life balance 

Most of us are solopreneurs, without a huge team to help us keep the business going.

We’re splitting our time between business, our spouse, friends, and kids. A business coach can help you to prioritize and organize your life so that all parts of our life are balanced.

We think that in order to be successful, we have to sacrifice everything – socializing, sleep, downtime. That’s actually not the case.

With help, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle balance and a profitable business at the same time!

Reason #11 They’ll change the way you see business

We are down and dirty in the trenches, trying to figure everything out. What works, what doesn’t work, who can we trust, how long until I give this up?

A business coach teaches you to see every decision you make differently.

They’ll teach you how to think like a CEO. To see things down on the ground and from up in the sky. They’ll work with you to achieve harmony in the income that you make, customer satisfaction, your happiness, and the development of your brand.

By teaching you to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, helping you to understand the way your brain makes connections, you will become more self-aware of yourself as an entrepreneur.

A good business coach will teach you to have big goals while making sure you have a plan for achieving them.

They’ll show you how to get started with new campaigns and how to wrap it up. You’ll finally be able to tap into your fullest potential.

Where to find a good business coach? 

If you hire an excellent business coach, they’ll do everything I’ve listed above and more. The problem is… where are they hiding?

Psst.. they’re in plain sight.

  • The people that you’re already following. Who are the people that you look up to and admire already? You’re following them on social  media, reading their blogs, inspired by what they’re doing. That’s the best place to start when you want to hire a business coach. Find out if that’s something they have experience in.
  • Clarity is a website you can use to find experts. 
  • Take someone’s course. If you go through an entire course and feel like it all resonated with you, you should contact the creator and ask if they offer business coaching services.
  • Examine businesses that shot up out of nowhere and ask them for a referral. That’s how I found my business coach. I saw that a small business became an extremely profitable business in a short time span and asked them if they knew of any good business coaches they could refer me to.

A Credible Online Business Coach Leaves Footprints

When you continue to see the same name popping up among influential thought leaders, pay attention. These are people who have made a strong impression on the right people.

A business coach eliminates all the noise and gets to the heart of what you really want. What kind of legacy do you want to create for yourself? What kind of impact will you have on society?

When all is said and done, did you finish what you started?

Have you ever hired a business coach? Share your experience below!

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