When Goals Become Habits and Habits Become Your Lifestyle

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How goals become habits and habits become a part of your lifestyle.How do you go from $0 to $100,000, and eventually $1 million? The same way you lose 100 pounds. The same way you get your two-year-old potty-trained. The exact same method you use to make it through school, buy a house and start a business.

You get there by setting tiny, achievable goals for yourself and work as hard as you can to make those goals happen. But, while your million dollar dreams are cultivating, there’s more magic going on behind the scenes.

Setting goals for yourself gives your life structure, but go easy on your expectations. 

This woman, Marielle Ebersol, went 1,000 days doing yoga every single day. What’s amazing about her journey is that she didn’t set out to do 1,000 days of yoga. Rather, she decided that maybe she can do 30 days. Almost three years later, it’s become a habit – a necessary part of her daily routine.

That’s how our most magnificent accomplishments start out. By giving ourselves just a little bit of credit. Maybe this is possible.

When you show a tiny bit of faith, you present a challenge that motivates you to rise to the occasion.

Success doesn’t happen in one gigantic step. It’s the tiny little steps forward that get you to where you need to be. Too often, we focus on one huge goal, like “I want to make 6 figures this year.” And when it starts looking impossible (somewhere around month seven), we get discouraged and abandon the entire idea.

Wanting to make six figures in a year isn’t unattainable at all! However, it’s more reasonable to break that number down into smaller numbers that we can understand. That’s roughly $8,500 a month (I tend to always round up).

Okay, so $8,500 in a month means $2,100 a week. With a realistic assessment of your business model, does that sound feasible?

Can you come up with a valid plan of making $400 a day (5-day week guys, leave room for BAD days where no one buys because that’s going to happen.)

If you know that $400/day doesn’t work with the way your business is currently setup, then think of something more realistic – perhaps $150 a day is not only possible but manageable as well.

yoga lady goals

Have a daily minimum action. 

There are some days where we have too much going on to do our normal routine. The worst thing you can do is skip it altogether.

Marielle (Yoga Lady) said that some days she only does child pose for 15 minutes or puts her feet up on the wall. For her, that counts because it is time which she’s dedicated to centering her mind and focus on her breathing.

What’s your minimum action? You can find out by completing this sentence:

“Even if I can’t get everything done today, at the very least, I can make sure I ________”

By defining your daily minimum action, your mind won’t allow you to fail. It becomes a habit like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. You simply must do it every day, whether it’s perfect or not.

Take time to reflect and appreciate your success.

You know what’s so great about Yoga Lady’s post? She didn’t have a drink in celebration of her 1,000th day victory. Nooo, instead she considered what lessons were to be learned. She wrote a blog post (more work!) to share her achievement with the world.

She created a new outlet of accountability. I, for one, will be checking in on her journey from here on out and I’m sure hundreds of others will as well. She gave herself a new reason to keep going besides – I just want to see if I can.

No matter how far you get in your goals, it’s important to pause and see how your new habits have changed your life. What have you learned from the experience? How do you hold yourself accountable to keep going after you’ve hit that huge milestone?

Use visual reminders that will force your brain to prioritize your goals.

The key to most success lies in one simple action. There’s really only one thing you have to do. Show up, every day.

yoga lady goals 2

Even better, show up with a positive attitude… every single day. Understand that what you’re doing, most people can’t. Most people can’t commit to an action and perform that action over and over and over again. Our ability to focus is on the decline. But, you’re doing it. That’s something to be proud of.

So what about the days where nothing is going right? How do you push past that feeling of wanting to climb back in bed and make the room as dark as possible? You use visual reminders.

I don’t know if Yoga Lady did this, but if I decided today that I wanted yoga to be a part of my daily routine, she would be my visual reminder.

I’d go straight to her Instagram, find a way to get these pictures, and hang them up by my bed. Underneath, I imagine I’d scribble 1,000 days and it would look something like this:

yoga lady

1,000 Days

Over time, that image would be seared into my brain. Just like when I see pictures of my husband, my kids, my business logo. It starts to feel like priority.

Just so you understand what I’m telling you to do:

  • Show up every day
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Make your goals a priority
  • Use visual reminders in the form of images


For heavens sake, don’t mark days on a calendar.

Look, I’ve seen the same movies you’ve seen. I’ve seen her too -checking days off the calendar, getting close to her goals. I’ve felt that twinge of inspiration.

But, it doesn’t work.

Checking days off of a calendar is STRESSFUL. It puts your mind in a state of hurriedness. You want to make it to next month, you want to make it to your birthday, you want to make it to the end of the year. You’re spending so much time in the future that you can’t appreciate the present.

The point is to get it done today and prepare your mind to do it again tomorrow. Forget about next week, next month, and next year. The only days you need to be concerned with are today… and tomorrow. That’s it.

Trust the Process

Last, but not least… you just have to trust that you’ll get where you’re going. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow. But, one day, you’ll wake up and realize that you’ve arrived. You’ll see that it was worth it. I promise you that.

Your goals will have become daily habits and those daily habits will become a part of your life. That’s freedom… that’s entrepreneurship.

yoga lady goals 3

All images were from Yoga Lady’s instagram. Her real name is Marielle Ebersol and she is uniquely amazing. 

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  • Ashley Urban

    That is exactly right. Great post! When I took Business Math that is what they tell you… It all starts by setting achievable goals and getting into habit and as you continue it all starts to become apart of your lifestyle. Saving money, exercising, starting a business or whatever it may be.

    • Thanks, Ashley! I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. Everything we hate to do only gets easier with consistency. Business math, huh? Sounds like a class I’d sleep through.