Your Business Will Never Be Perfect Until You Screw It Up

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STOP OBSESSING OVER PERFECTIONAre you working or are you waiting? You have the burning desire to take the leap and change your life. You want to be an entrepreneur. You want your own business and you want to work on your terms.

The moment you’re ready to get started, you look around at the competition and you realize you have a lot more planning to do.

Finally, you get your business off the ground and it’s time to launch a new product. You’ve been planning for over six months, getting the major and minor details just right.

Every time you think you’re ready, you discover new information and realize your launch is missing something.

You procrastinate for another six months.

If this sounds like you, then you’re a perfectionist.

You’re standing in your own way because you don’t want to fail.

You don’t want to put something out there with your name attached to it unless it’s perfect. You don’t want to mess up your brand. Understandable.

This is not a bad thing. One common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is paying attention to detail. Which is what you’re doing, right?

Your perfectionist persona keeps telling you “This can be better. You need to be better.”

You have to know when to let it fly. Paying attention to detail should come after you’ve already released your idea. It comes from observation, experimenting, testing, and analyzing.

On the journey of running your own business, you will be surprised all the time. People just happen to be unpredictable.

It happens.

You have to be fine with letting your ideas flourish without them being perfect.

Accept that it will never be perfect

After spending unnecessary months planning to perfection, you’ll look back in a year and realize it wasn’t as perfect as you remembered.

There are things you would have never thought to do because you didn’t know any better. No amount of research would have told you.

You had to see the results and analyze them for yourself.

No one expects you to have all the answers

People respect honesty and transparency. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. Every time that you make a mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

Let your ideas create a life of their own because with your obsession for perfection, you’re smothering it. The longer you take working on this project is the longer it will take for you to move on to your next one.

Become a data hound.

I have a perfectionist persona but over the years, I’ve learned to manage it. One thing I’ve found that helps me is tracking data of every project (big or small) that I do.

It gives me a way to release my perfectionist impulses because I am actively taking steps to create the perfect system for me.

Keep a record of everything you do and the return you’re getting on the investment you’ve made.

When you implement ad campaigns, marketing strategies, sales and discounts, keep track of when you do them (time of year), where you do them, how people receive your content, and make a note of when interest seemed to peak.

Now you have what you need to make your next project a little closer to perfect.

Make tiny, little tweaks at a time

Perfectionists like us can get discouraged easily. After all the meticulous planning and not getting the results we expect, we’re tempted to trash the idea or change the goal completely.

You feel like you’ve put in so much effort that it’s already perfect.

One small tweak can make all the difference. One tiny change can be the determining factor of success for your project. This is why it’s so important to track your data.

You need to know what works, even if it’s just a tiny part of what you’ve created.

Plan and strategize

Overplanning is a result of lack of clarity. There is no purpose to your intentions because you’re too busy being busy. You need a destination.

Give yourself a time requirement on your planning sessions.

At the end of the session, implement a strategy based on the information you’ve gathered and move on.

Chances are you have everything you need.

What’s your planning process look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • This article reached me at the perfect time. Was just discussing this with someone the other day. Trying to not obsess over the little things and instead focus on the bigger picture.