11 Signs That You Should Quit Your Job

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THESE SIGNS SAY THAT IT'S TIME YOU QUIT YOUR JOB1How long have you been grunting, “I hate my job” in complete frustration, scouring the web at night for an alternative option? You’re just trying to find a way to start making money elsewhere; like online or starting a local business.

Unfortunately, with all the resources available to you online, the internet doesn’t seem to be much help at all.

You’re yearning to take the leap, but you don’t want to be too hasty; do something you’ll regret later.

I can think of something worse than losing your only source of income. Losing your sanity, losing your passion, wasting time where you’re not valued, being miserable… somebody stop me because I can go all day.

You need clarity. You have to know for sure if this is something you need to do. I’m going to give you the rundown of specific signs that will tell you when it’s time to quit your job and I’ll even give you some methods you can use to quit.

Sign #1 You want to do things your way

I’ve read words that made my blood run cold. Managers telling employees, “You’re not paid to think.” What! What? What! Even if your supervisor hasn’t said something like that to you, they could be implying it.

They want you to stick to one way of doing things, even if your way is faster and easier. They don’t care. The company wants it that way, they’ll have it that way.

If this frustrates you and it feels like you’re being placed in a box, it’s time to quit your job. They aren’t allowing you to grow. Even worse, they aren’t giving you the opportunity to develop your skills and discover the abilities that come naturally for you.

Sign #2 Your degree feels like a waste of time

We went to college, investing years of our time only to end up at a job where we don’t even use it. I won’t jump into the debate about whether the value of having a degree has decreased over the years, but I will say that time spent in college should not equal time wasted in college.

If your job isn’t utilizing your expertise or expanding on the knowledge you racked up in college, then it’s time to move on.

Sign #3 You’re Overworked

You work hard and you’re great at what you do. What’s the reward? You get an increased workload without an increase in pay.

But, isn’t that anywhere you go?

It’s true, if you start a business and you impress your clients, you’ll probably have five more clients in your inbox ready to put you to work. The difference is, the more in-demand you are, the more people are willing to pay for you. What you once made from 5 jobs, you can make with only one.

Beats working for someone else any day.

Sign # 4 You were Passed You Up on a Promotion…. Again

How many times are you going to let your job overlook you in favor of someone else? Especially someone who isn’t nearly as good as you are.

They have a lack of respect for your unique skill set and it’s degrading to have someone else swoop in and take the spot you’ve worked so hard for.

But, that’s the politics of the workplace, and you have no choice but to go along with it and wait your turn.

It’s not fun watching someone else move up the ranks while you go unnoticed.

Sign #5 You Feel Like You’re Stuck

It’s one of the simple joys of life to be the best version of yourself. It’s all about going from average to extraordinary. However, at your job you feel stagnant.

Entrepreneurs hate being micro-managed. Having someone looking over your shoulder all the time because they don’t trust you to do what they’re paying you to do.

You need freedom.

This means growth; becoming smarter, wiser, faster. Your job doesn’t give you the room to achieve that, so you feel stuck.

How can you not? They tell you what to do, you do it. The End. They disregard your input and care more about the bottom line than they do about making things better, both for the employees and the customers.

If you’re bored of doing the same thing over and over every single day, and you’re sick of remaining stagnant, scratch that itch and quit your job.

Sign #6 You’re Rebellious Nature is Coming Through

All entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They’re rebels. They rebel against authority and push back against the norm.

Your 9-5 is not the place to channel your inner rebel. It’s the place to conform and stay in your space.

Branching off to become an entrepreneur would give you the release you so desperately need. You will finally have the room to challenge yourself and to claim your unique position in society.

Sign #7 Your Mind is Turning to Mush

Do you feel like you’re being challenged intellectually at work?

Mentally stimulating challenges are what keep people’s blood pumping and excited to go to work. Your job should challenge you to rethink the impossible.

If you find yourself unable to focus on what you’re doing and it feels like you do more chatting than working, then you aren’t being challenged intellectually at all. Your job has become too easy and too automated.

When you quit your job and work for yourself, you’ll find that you use critical problem-solving skills every day. Your schedule becomes unpredictable and spontaneous. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you are in complete control to make all the decisions.

Sign #8 You’re Yearning to Travel

Traveling is a unique opportunity to explore other cultures, meet different types of people and develop a sense of appreciation for your own story.

Seeing how the other side lives will help put your own life into perspective. You’ll find that there are an infinite amount of things that are more important than money. However, you can’t just pack your bags and get on a plane if you have a 9-5. Most entrepreneurs eventually get to a place where they’re making money without having to be physically present.

Also, you’ll find ways to contribute to your business from anywhere. Your travels will inspire your business decisions and help you to refine your core values.

Sign #9 All Your Free Time is Spent on Your Hobbies

What do you do when you’re not working? This is a good place to start when you’re trying to come up with a good business idea. This is also an indication that you’re not happy with your job.

You’re trying to find alternative ways to express yourself because you’re frustrated that you don’t have the opportunity to do what you love to do.

Sign #10 You’re tired of your co-workers

Eye rolling, leg shaking, deep sighing are all signs that the people at your job are working on your very last nerve.

Especially your manager, who for the record, doesn’t even work! You watch them sit on their throne dictating orders while they waste their own time and micro-manage your time.

This is a symptom that you secretly hate your job. It’s a personal thing, and it can only be cured by quitting.

Sign #11 You Think You’re Going to Be Fired

If you loved your job, you would be less focused on brooding about the possibility of getting fired, and more focused on proving yourself.

You think you’re going to get fired because you want to get fired. You want a valid reason for taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur.

What if you quit your job and you failed as a business owner? You’d hate yourself for disappointing everyone who is depending on you.


If these signs apply to you, then it might be time to let your job go and start a business instead. One thing most people are afraid of is losing the stability that their job provides. The truth is, there is more stability in entrepreneurship than in working at a typical 9-5.

While I don’t suggest spontaneously quitting without a plan, the longer you take to make the jump, the longer it will take to get your business off the ground.

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