Monday Motivation: Get Ready for a Successful Week

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For an employee, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week…as it should be. Leaving behind a stress-free weekend spent with friends and catching up on sleep only to go back to work and follow orders. That reality sucks.

As an entrepreneur, Mondays shouldn’t feel like that. If anything, Monday should be our favorite day of the week. You get a fresh start to do things a little differently.

We’re workaholics, so maybe our weekend wasn’t a real weekend – we took a workend. However, most entrepreneurs do the bulk of their research over the weekend. By the time Monday comes around, you have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and see how it works for your business.

If you were planning a pivot, do it on a Monday.

Monday, anything goes.

How to change your monday narrative and make it the best day of the week

Change your perspective

The most important thing to remember as you go through your Monday is that you are in control. You own a business, which 90% of America can’t say for themselves.

You control the outcome of today. You have the power to bring positivity into your week. You make the decisions and call the shots.

But, how do you train your mind to think like that? You need a mantra.

Change your perspective on Monday

A mantra is a phrase you repeat over and over again until your brain is convinced that it’s true. Don’t come up with a mantra that makes you feel better about yourself, or a mantra that boosts your confidence.

Those types of mantras don’t work as well.

Instead, use a mantra that’s a promise to your customers. A mantra that gives you accountability for your goals. The more you repeat it, the more you will find yourself taking on tasks with purpose and passion.

Embody this message and let it reflect in the way you approach everything you do this week. Allow the message to be heard in the way you communicate with the people you speak to.

Be firm in your choices, even if you aren’t sure they’re the right ones. Dress immaculately so you can feel like you are in control of your environment.

All you have to do is keep your audience, customers, and clients foremost in your mind.

Wake up a little earlier

Waking up earlier than you typically do fills you with a feeling of infinite possibility.

Time is our most precious asset. How many times have you felt like 24 hours in a day simply isn’t enough time!

By waking up earlier, we get the sense that we’ve somehow cheated life – it’s motivating to suddenly find ourselves with more time. 

How do you spend that extra time?

Center yourself. Whatever you do to achieve mental clarity – yoga, meditation, writing, creating, designing. Use that time to find purpose and confidence within yourself.

After I’ve done a low-stress activity, I tackle the smallest tasks of the day. I set the timer to 45 minutes and do as much as I can during that time.

You can reply to an email that needs your attention, reply to some of your customers that you didn’t get the chance to over the weekend, make some small tweaks to a presentation.

Do whatever you can in that designated amount of time, then stop. Power everything down and eat something.

This gives your brain time to reset, refocus, and prepare for the most challenging tasks for the day.

Demand more from everyone

home office

If anybody should have all the answers in your business, that somebody should be you. Do you know what your customers want? Are you satisfied with your partnerships? Are your employees working to your satisfaction?

Start your Monday off by raising the bar.

Instead of asking your customers open-ended questions, get specific. 

Ask them what you truly want to know.

Have a meeting with your team and let them know you are preparing for growth.

Explain how they can produce better quality work, how tasks can be done more efficiently.

If there’s someone you’ve wanted to work with, today’s the day to reach out to them.  Find their email address and pitch them your idea. Here are some ways to find anyone’s email address rather quickly.

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” – Florence Nightingale

Make a habit out of exercise

Getting to the gym is always an uphill battle for me. Even though I workout regularly, I’m not exactly sprinting to the weights. But, by the time I’m done, it always feel worth it.

Exercise gives you a mental rush. It opens your mind up to the possibility of opportunity. Feeling the endurance of your body as you push it to its limit is addictive.

Once you get done with your workout, you won’t want to stop moving. You’ll work faster and be more aggressive with your tactics.

Entrepreneurs have a hard time maintaining high energy all day. The days that I allow myself an intensive workout, I don’t have that problem.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t explain it scientifically but exercising your body is good for your mental.

I find that I make decisions faster and with more confidence on the days that I workout harder. I’m far more creative, and things that seemed cloudy before suddenly become clear to me.

There’s always Tuesday


The only way to ensure your success for the week is to end your Monday by reminding yourself there are more days ahead.

Acknowledge the admirable work you did for the day and make a plan for tomorrow. Whatever you didn’t do, there’s no need to beat yourself up about it.

Use the last 30 minutes of your Monday to reflect on the ways you surprised yourself, what you could have done better, and how you believe your actions will improve your business.

Here are some other helpful tidbits that make for a better Monday

  1. Revamp your to-do list. Cross off the things you got done last week and put the unfinished business at the top of your to-do list.
  2. Smile. A smile puts you in the positive mind frame to get started as well as everyone around you. Smile at everyone. Smile at your spouse, smile at your neighbor, smile at your employees. If you hate smiling, you can go back to your regular grouchy self tomorrow. Monday, you will smile.

All the problems of last week can be taken care of this week. Monday is the day to change your perspective, try something different, and take full control of your business.

What’s your Monday process look like? Let me know in the commens below!

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